Paris Day 2

I recently published my Adventure on day 1 of Paris, so I have decided to share my journey on day 2 which was equally as thrilling especially because my mum treated me to afternoon tea at the Ritz in Paris. On day 2 I visited the infamous champs- Élysées in the heart of Paris for … Continue reading Paris Day 2


Outfit of the Day

Style posts have to be one of my favourite posts to create, my lovely beauty and fashion blogger friend Steph and I decided to do a style post collab since the weather is getting a lot nicer going towards May. Her post will be up next Friday so you should defiantly visit her blog … Continue reading Outfit of the Day

Almond Oat Cookies ||| Biscoitos de Aveia e Amêndoa

Thought I would share this brilliant blog post.

ENTRE JARDINS - vegetarian and plant based recipes


(versão portuguesa no final da página)

I had every intention of sharing a super-powered-healthy-healing soup with you for this next post but these cookies got somewhat in the way… I’m sure you don’t mind?.. Especially if I tell you these come together in a jiffy, a quality not to be neglected by someone who wants a satisfying cookie, say 5 minutes ago, and doesn’t have the patience to follow through complicated recipes.

A word on blackstrap molasses – a byproduct of white sugar manufacturing, it is a low glycemic sweetener and rich in nutrients (B vitamins, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, calcium, selenium, …). As someone who usually struggles with low iron levels, blackstrap molasses has become a handy and easy way to get a few bonus iron points while making life a little sweeter.

Oh and before heading on to the recipe, a big congrats to Sara, the winner…

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