May Outfit Of The Day



Me and my lovely friend Steph decided to do another outfit of the day blog post collab, since we loved doing the last one so much. Her blog post she did with me on is here at  You should defiantly visit her amazing and inspiring blog. I tried to go for a slightly formal classy style, because I think it is more sophisticated, especially because I have a real obsession with collecting black boots and blazer coats. The outfit I chose today still sticks to my simplistic colour scheme, however I still managed to bring a bit of colour with the turquoise top .


In this look I am wearing a long black blazer from Zara. The turquoise top is from Mango, it is made of 100% cotton so feels really smooth when on. My trousers are actually from Primark, my mum got me then a few months ago to wear to sixth form, but I surprising really like them for day to day wear. My black boots are from Mango, I think they are probably one of my favourite pairs I own plus they are so comfy.



Outfit of the Day

DSC_0694 (3)

Style posts have to be one of my favourite posts to create, my lovely beauty and fashion blogger friend Steph and I decided to do a style post collab since the weather is getting a lot nicer going towards May. Her post will be up next Friday so you should defiantly visit her blog it is amazing. 

DSC_0741 (2)

My outfit of choice is just a super casual look combining a pair of top shop denim jeans with one of my favourite jackets from Zara, and a delicate black lace top also from Zara. The shoes are a pair of classic suede black boots that I picked up from New Look in the summer. My small black bag is from Mangos suit collection range, and lastly I decide to wear a red and green tartan scarf to tie the look together (pardon the pun) from a little vintage shop in Manchester called Pop Boutique. I still have the habit of wearing a lot of black, but I just think it is a colour that goes with everything. I would love some comments below of how to maybe add a little bit more colour into my style.






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Bagnères De Luchon Lookbook


Whilst in the Pyrenees town of Bagnères De Luchon, I decided to do a casual look book of my outfits when I was there. The town is in a breath-taking mountainous area located on the pyrenees border between France and Spain. The area has been features on the Tour de France for the famous Superbagneres mountain climb to the Superbagneres ski resort. You can take a trip up the cable cart to the top of the climb where a scene of truly bewitching and angelic 360 degree views greet you.

I decided to go for a really fresh casual summer outfit which would be perfect for the hot weather and comfortable to walk round in because Luchon has so many cute restaurants and boutique like shops to visit on its main street.



DSC_0215The blue summer top is from Jack Wills, I love this top because it’s a really good staple summerr time item, which can easily be paired with jeans or shorts, the material is light and airy to the skin so it suited the hot temperatures ideally. I twinned the top with a pair of denim jeggings from Mango. Jegging have to be one of my favourite clothing items at the moment, I love the flexible feel of the material. The black suede shoes are from mango as well as the terracotta tote town bag, what can I say I am a Mango lover, the shop is just amazing. I also had a Mulberry clutch bag because sometimes a large shopping bag can be a bit on a pain when out and about. Mulberry will always be one of my most loved designer brands. I am wearing a white swatch watch also.

DSC_0210 DSC_0219

DSC_0221 DSC_0224



July look book 2

Sunday July 26th 2015


After going on an rewarding shopping trip to Annecy with my mum, whilst I was on my holiday in the French alps, I decide to do a look book of what I bought . I also really enjoy making look books, I feel so special sharing my love of fashion with the world. And even if there is only one person readings this I don’t care.

I was wearing a gorgeous black leather suede skirt from Mango in from their the suit collection brand, I just love this item because I feel like it brings the outfit together ,it’s just a stunning centre piece .

My white lace top was from Hollister, although I don’t really shop much in Hollister anymore I loved the neutrality of the design, I feel it enhances the skirt more. I also love the opposing colours of black and white, although it’s sort of old-school, I enjoy the simplicity.


My shoes which I absolutely love are a suede heel from Mango, the design is just so beautiful.

Of course the little pink clutch bag is from River Island.

My sunglasses were from a little boutique in Geneva, I got them ages ago but I just like their shape and colour, it compliments my skin tone really well, and because they are really big if I am having a bad makeup day they are great.


Annecy look book

DSC_1791Capture 2DSC_1757 DSC_1758Capture 1DSC_1766

Annecy was one of the most beautiful holiday destinations I have ever visited, so I chose to do a look book of my outfit, which made me feel so good about myself. That’s what I love about clothes they can transform your mood, suiting your body shape and enhancing your beauty if you pic the correct style. I was wearing a beautiful white lace flower pattered style crop top from Topshop, paired with some denim shorts from River Island. My pink clutch bag was from River Island, I love the style and the light pink pastel shade, it goes with all my outfits.



My white converse are great for days when I have to do a lot of walking because they are super comfortable I just adore them.

My watch is a white Swiss swatch watch, I know it’s quite boring, but I love wearing it because it’s just a simple statement item its not to fancy so great for a casual day.




July look book

Wednesday 1st July 2015



After having a brilliant day in the scorching summer sun, with my friend Katie I decided to do a look book of my outfit because I just loved what I was wearing.


I was wearing a blue top from Zara which I just love as it’s really floaty. The top is from the Zara basic collection, it’s made from polyester, so feels smooth to the skin and does not feel too heavy.

My white boyfriend jeans are from River Island. They are cropped at the bottom, but tightly fitted to suit my leg shape.

DSC_1618 DSC_1604


My high heel shoes are one of my favourite heels I own. When I bought them I couldn’t take them off. I got them from New Look as part of the wide fit collection. They are amazing because they go with any outfit.

My bag is a nude pink colour, which I got from River Island. I just love the design, I always find myself using the bag because it suits lots of outfits. The size is just right for storing essential travel day items.


The bracelet I am wearing is from forever 21 ,I got it a few years ago ,but I love the glimmer in the stones, it adds a little sparkle to the outfit.

And finally the watch I am wearing is a simple statement item, it is a white Swiss Swatch watch with golden hands.

I am wearing two different types of sunglasses, the brown ones were from Top Shop, whilst the light purple ones add a splash of colour to my outfit, which I got  from Zara.