3 steps guide to natural cosmetics


Recently I have been made aware of the detrimental effects that many of the chemicals found in my cosmetic products can have on the body, they can be filled with toxins that our bodies cannot naturally absorb. For example Parabens which are a group of chemicals found in a range of beauty products can affect the endocrine system, which can potentially lead to breast cancer or early puberty. Consumer safety .org challenged me to come up with 3 steps to clean up my cosmetics. So I have decided to share my 3 steps that I think will make a big difference to not just reducing the detrimental effects that these chemicals could have, but also to spread public awareness. Before this issue was made aware to me I had no idea that my favourite eye shadow or face cream could contain unsafe chemicals. Since I am trying to push for a natural plant based diet I think it makes sense to use natural cosmetic products too.


Step 1: Clean out your skin care

I believe our skin especially our faces is the most delicate part that we need to protect especially if you wear makeup on a day to day basis. I have tried to buy all natural skin care, for instance investing in ethical and natural brands such as Neal yards remedies. The purifying palmarosa facial wash is one of the most important steps in my skin care routine. The product contains a range of non-synthetic, natural ingredients such as orange peel oil. Moisturizer is also an important product I make sure is safe, for the reason that a large range of moisturizers on the market have harsh chemicals such as Retinyl Palmitate which can lead to serious skin damage. You can find out if your moisturizer is safe by using the search feature on the consumer safety website https://www.consumersafety.org/. I found it was a great tool, as I could do all my research in one place. The moisturizer I use is the Origins GinZing, it is composed of natural safe ingredients so i don’t have to worry about the possible long term harm.


Step 2 : do some researchPhototasticCollage-2017-03-10-15-59-38

I feel that we are unaware of what is actually in our cosmetic products, how many times have you thought about the ingredients contained ,the answer is probably never. These days it is just easier to assume the products we use are safe, but I believe the best thing to do is to do research on the ingredients that is contained. Consumer safety have easy guides and a search feature to utilize, so research is already sorted for you. It is also important to check before you buy this might seem like a laborious task especially if you are in a rush but I think it is an important step to take. One of the most influential pieces of research that I found was a blog post titled “7 Dangerous Ingredients in Everyday Cosmetics and Toiletries” https://www.consumersafety.org/news/products/7-dangerous-ingredients-in-everyday-cosmetics-and-toiletries/. I was so surprised that a lot of the old products that I used to use contained some of these chemicals that are listed are potentially harmful


Step 3: be aware of companies that use natural ingredients to ones that don’t

It is always useful to know what companies produce natural nontoxic cosmetics, this links back to my previous point that research is key, because there is no point being in the dark about this issue if you want to protect your health. Furthermore I really enjoy supporting naturally sourced company as supposed to large brands that do not take consumer safety seriously.


I hope that this blog post provided some useful guidance on how to make the changes to more natural products, I feel so strongly about the health of not just myself but also my readers because at the end of the day the blogging community is a brilliant way to share lifestyle advice and tips.








Sephora Haul


Last week I went to new York and Washington for a week in the February half term it was a surreal experience , that taught me a lot especially about American history from taking a trip to the capital building, the white house, the UN and liberty bell in Philadelphia. However I did a lot of shopping in Sephora since we can’t get a lot of the brands in the UK, such as Tarte and Marc Jacobs. It has always been dream of mine to do a huge Sephora shopping spree with my friends especially my best friend Amelia . Although i spend a lots of money it was completely worth it so I decided to share my Sephora haul on my blog.


Modern Renaissance pallet

I have wanted this pallet for a long time, after it came out last year however it is almost impossible to buy this in the UK, every time it is available on beauty bay it is sold out .The pallet is perfect for travel because all the shades are beautiful and you can create a number of gorgeous looks. One of my favourite shades is Realgar and Venetian red, the shimmer shadows are also perfectly pigmented.

Tarteist pro pallet

This pallet is a true beauty it contains 4 stunning powder highlighters, a cool toned contour and a cream bronzer/contour . I absolutely love this delicate pallet because highlighters are my favourite thing, it is so beautiful. I also need to get out of the habit of just relying on my Jeffree star highlighter.


Sephora matte perfection powder

I have been looking for an under eye powder for a long time, because whenever I put any concealer under my eyes it never stays. I tried the Estee lauder light setting powder but have found it too thick so decided to try the light Sephora powder. I like the coverage and feel it gives my under eyes Good coverage so it is a brilliant purchase.

Urban decay eye shadow primer potion

This eyeshadow base has been on my mind for at least 2 years now, but I have never got around to purchasing it. Since I was in Sephora I decided to just pick it up on the way, it is a very hyped product so I thought I would give it a go.

Marc Jacobs velvet noir major volume mascara

My friend Steph used this mascara on me a few weeks ago when she did my makeup, I did a recent blog post on it below. I could not get over the volume it gave and the intense blackness. Even though it was hard to part 26$ for a mascara I think it is totally worth it even the packaging is beautiful.


Guerlain terracotta bronzer.

I already have a the duo Guerlain bronzer which I adore but it is a little light so I decided to buy the original terracotta bronzer in 03 natural .It is just such a stunning product the packaging is sleek and the actually bronzer well it is just amazing, don’t let me get started on how much i adore it, because i feel I will be talking for ages.

 Clinique blush 02 peach pop

This blush looks so beautiful because it is a mould of a flower, I also like how there is a slight sheen to the blush. I do like collecting blushes especially if they are as beautiful as this one.

Mac Desert rose blush

This blush is perfect for pale skin because it a subtle muted pink, I really love it especially how it manages to end up lasting on my face for hours. I find that most of the blushes I own do not last as long or even give a good colour payoff.


Tarte Rainforest by the sea water foundation

I have been meaning to try this foundation for a while after a bunch of you tuber have been raving over it as a good full coverage foundation. I thought I would try it out because I have been obsessed with the Nars Luminous weightless foundation which is also a water based foundation. I like the coverage it gave but I felt that it could have been more full coverage because I had to put another layer on to get the required coverage. It did have a good feel on my face and it lasted remarkably well.

Nars Velvet lip glide in playpen

I saw this in Sephora and had to purchase one the packaging is just divine and the lip product is like a lip gloss but is more of a matte finish. The colour I went for is a coral pink, which is similar to my charlotte Tilbury lipstick in sexy sienna.


Tarteist lip paint

I decided to splash out on one of the Tarte liquid lipsticks in the shade delish it is a really pretty dark nude so I thought it would be perfect for my friends birthday.


Thankyou for reading my blog post I hope it was an enjoyable and insightful read .

Gold smoky eye and nude lip makeup look


Recently my very talented friend Stephanie who has the blog https://stephaniegracealt.wordpress.com/  did my makeup for me, so I decided to share the look on my blog because one of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to get back into blogging. I have subsequently been getting distracted with college work which takes up nearly all my time, so had no room for blogging as of yet .

The makeup look is gorgeous because the golden smoky eye really highlights my eyes and compliments my dark hair it is perfect for a night as it is very glam.

Starting out with the base the body shop Insta blur primer was used to smooth out the pores on my face, it is my favourite primer and I will defiantly be featuring it in my 2016 makeup favourites. Then the Mac Peachlite Strobe cream was used on my skin this adds a really pretty peach glow without making it look too shimmery. Finally for my skin a sprits of Mac Fix plus was used to brighten and hydrate my face before applying makeup.


Next for foundation the Nars luminous weightless foundation was mixed with the Rimmel lasting finish, I have never tried this Rimmel foundation before, but I really liked the coverage it gave when mixed with the Nars foundation, which has to be a holy grail must have for me I just love it to pieces.



Steph then brightened my under eyes with the Urban Decay Naked concealer, I use this concealer religiously every day because it defiantly brightens my under eyes leaving a smooth and flawless finish. The foundation and concealer was blended in with a wet real techniques beauty sponge, which I have never used before but the outcome was rather remarkable and I cannot get over how smooth the finish was. My under eyes was set with mac mineralise skin finish powder in light .

For the bronzer the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel was used as a cream bronzer, I absolutely adore this product because it looked so beautiful on my skin and I will defiantly be putting it on my wish list . For a face powder my old favourite Mac studio fix powder was used I cannot rave about this product enough because I feel I would end up writing a whole blog post, it is just amazing trust me on this. Finally for my face the sleek contour kit was used, it is quite warm toned for a contour but I really like it, I feel a cool toned contour would not work with my skin tone. The blush was the illamasqua powder blush in tremble.



I have always had trouble with my eyebrows because they never go the way I want them too but Steph did a really good job at shaping them with the Anastasia dip brow pomade in Dark brown , the Mac concealer pot was also used to neaten then up. Lastly the NXY brow gel was used to keep my brows in place it defiantly did the trick.


For the smoky eye look Steph used one of my favourite Morphe pallets the 35oM I adore this pallet because there is so many lovely transition shades as well as deep reds and oranges . She built up the colour with warm transition colours and then added a few dark brown shades from the pallet and lastly a black from the Morphe 35K. For the lid colour she used Mac Amber lights with a bit of fix plus and Mac Nylon for inner corner highlight. The NYX eye pencil in rust was used in my water line to smoke out the eyeshadow.

The Marc Jacobs velvet Noir mascara gave my lashes extreme length I have never tried anything like it and will defiantly be buying it soon because it makes my favourite mascara Urban Decay Perversion pretty poor.


For highlight the golden shade from the Nars duel intensity blush in the shade Jubilation was used as a base highlight ,Steph them used the most daring but beautiful highlights the Jeffree star cosmetics skin frost in the shade ice cold.

For lips Steph used the NXY glide on lip pencil in nude suede shoes followed by the Nars velvet lip glide in stripped and the Jouer lip topper in skinny dip.

dsc_1116I love the idea of a lip topper because it added an extra glow to the lips without making them look to bold. The Jouer lip toppers are defiantly at 2016 favourites.


Thank you for reading this post and defiantly visit Stephanie’s blog



Makeup favourites


I have been loving a huge range of makeup product that I use in my daily makeup routine, so I thought I would share them on my blog.


•Nars luminous weightless foundation

This is a full coverage long wearing foundation, which appears as a wet consistency but blends remarkably quickly. I loved the flawless finish it gives, which was quite surprising because I first expected it to be hard to blend by how wet it is. I have the shade Light 02 mont blanc which is a perfect colour match. Overall this foundation is a firm rival between some of my favourite foundations such as Mac studio fix fluid, I had to share it in my makeup favourites.

•Guerlain Terracotta joli teint bronzer duo

This is a wonderful product for a little natural bronzy glow. I was so glad I made this purchase because I was quite a large investment, however I always find myself using it. The bronzer is not too orange toned so does not appear as vividly on the face, instead you can achieve a natural glow especially as the bronzer has a small pink segment you can use to add a little  blusher, but I just swirl my brush into the whole compact so It picks up a little pink glow. The bronzer in not completely matt is has a little bit of sparkle emphasising the naturally glow effect on the face.


•Zoeva rose gold brushes

I have been loving this particular brush set for a long time now, because they are really quite beautiful to stare at and not to mention  the capability of making the face look flawless without a clumpy finish, they are really smooth to the skin. I just love them. I have been recommending them to all my friends, they have to try them out. The face brushes are so smooth to the face especially the 102 silk finish foundation brush which does not absorb product into the brush as some other makeup brushes do, foundation glides so evenly and lightly.  The 106 powder brush lightly disperses powder gently leaving a silky finish.

•Sleek contour kit

This has to be the only contour powder that suits my skin tone and does not appear muddy on the face. I lightly apply the contour to the hollows of my cheeks with the Zoeva lux sheer cheek brush religiously everyday. The contour highlight is quite subtle it is not the most pigmented but is really lovely. The contour is relatively inexpensive for the quality I feel more people should try it out.

•Mac studio fix powder  foundation

This has been mentioned in my blog many times, as it is my all-time favourite powder, i just love it too pieces. I always feel like I am having a perfect makeup day when I set my makeup, because I can easily achieve the desired matte finish. The powder also sets my makeup all day with little oily patches. But I do tend to take it with me in my bag to lightly touch up. You can use the powder instead of foundation, because it has buildable coverage so when I don’t want a heavy makeup day I will just use powder and a little concealer.

•Estee lauder envy sculpting pallet

I got this pallet at Christmas as part of a limited edition set, the pallet has a range of 12 pure colour envy sculpting eyeshadows which are incredibly creamy and long lasting. It is perfect for travelling, the compact is a really handy to achieve a full range of looks. One of my favourite eyeshadows in the pallet is 12 pink mink a beautiful white highlight and 01 defiant nude a dark brown I usually fill in my eyebrows with. The 2 blushes in the pallet are also mesmerising. The pure colour blush in 08 peach passion is a perfect pale blush for a subtle makeup look, I just love the shade because it has a slight glittery undertone.  Whilst the pure colour blush in 02 pink kiss is more of a vivid shade with a modest amount of silvery glitter undertone. The blush is more illuminating so a little hand should be applied to the brush.



•The Body Shop all in one Instablur face primer

This is my favourite primer I have found, it defiantly makes my makeup last so much longer, it has been a firm makeup favourite for a long time. The primer has a rubbery clear texture which is soft but a little bit odd to get used compared to a more liquid formula, nevertheless it does work as an excellent primer.

Bobbie Brown lash glamour extreme lengthening mascara

This mascara did not really jump out to me at first, because I usually go for a mascara with a larger wand, typically it is easier to build length and volume. Therefore I was very surprised by how spectacular  this product performed. You can build so much length and volume without clumpy lashes. This mascara should defiantly be raved about more because it is a hidden gen hidden in the mascara world. In fact I was so impressed I left a review on GlamGeek. Defiantly a firm favourite staple in any makeup look.

Zoeva luxe colour blush in Rush Rush

I had to include this blush because it is one of my favourites, the packaging is beautiful and the actually blush is a gorgeous colour. The blush is very pigmented so you only need a little bit but I just appreciate the warming pink shade.  I always look so healthy when I wear it and I will defiantly be collecting a few more to add to my collection. Especially how affordable Zoeva products are .


•Clinique shimmering tones powder ( in the pink)

This has always been a staple highlight, the 9 pink toned highlights in the pan can be used on their own, however I love mixing them all together. I also included this in one of my earlier blog posts on my June favourites.

•Collection lasting perfection concealer

I usually use 2 shades of concealer 01 to highlight and 02 to conceal any blemishes. I love this concealer as it has a brilliant longevity and staying power, plus the price for the quality is unbeatable I know that when I use this concealer none of my pesky spots will pop out .

•Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in crème D’nude

I use this as an eye shadow base to prevent the eye shadow creasing it makes the  eye shadow last longer on the eyes . I used to use the Mac painterly pot in soft ochre, but I believe the Maybelline base is much better, especially as it is not as pricey.


My Autumn lipstick picks

DSC_0504 (2)

DSC_0497 (2)

DSC_0522 (2)Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, although the days get shorter with the weather closing in, I love the cosy nights in front of a burning fire. Autumn is a time to get excited with a bunch of amazing celebrations from Halloween to Christmas. When Autumn comes around each year, I strangely get excited, I can change my lipsticks from summery pink tones, for deeper berry autumnal colours. I only have a small collection ranging  from high-end to high street, but I am really proud of it. Whenever I put on one of my favourite autumnal lipsticks, I really get into the autumn spirit.

DSC_0502 (2)

High end lipsticks

Lancôme Rough sensation in the shade red desire

Elizabeth Arden beautiful colour lip liner in the shade coral 02

High end lip glosses

Naked Urban Decay lip gloss in the shade Sesso

Ted Baker red lip gloss

High street lipsticks

Rimmel London Kate 107

Miss sporty lipstick in the shade 053

High end lipsticks

Lancôme Rough sensation in the shade red desire
I absolutely adore this lipstick, the colour pigmentation is amazing. The colour is a deep red berry shade, with a beautiful shimmery undertone. It is one of my favourite makeup items, it tends to find its way to my makeup bag on a regular basis at the moment. I just cannot get enough of it. The lipstick also has a really nice scent. The lipstick staying power is ok, it does last for a couple of hours, but you do have to top it up, however this is due to its creamy texture. I find the pigmentation brilliant, the colour is so intense but in a good way.

DSC_0534 (2)

DSC_0508 (2)DSC_0514 (2)

Elizabeth Arden beautiful colour lip liner in the shade coral 02
This lip liner is a luxury product in my book, even though this is a lip pencil. I use it on its own from time to time, and it leaves a really beautiful matte finish. I find the staying power extraordinary, especially when it does not come off whilst eating and drinking. The pencil is a really pretty autumnal coral nude colour, it always reminds me of crisp autumnal leaves and my favourite matte nude lipstick from Mac. I have also found that the lip pencil goes really nicely with one of my all-time favourite blushers, Rose Gold by Sleek. The Elizabeth Arden makeup range is so good, so I will defiantly be buying more in the future.

DSC_0536 (2) DSC_0520 (2)DSC_0516 (2)

High street lipsticks

Rimmel London Kate Moss 107
I searched for this lipstick long and hard in 2013, when I first discovered this beast of a lipstick through social media and the hype on YouTube. I love this so much I just cannot recommend it enough. The lipstick is such a perfect autumn berry colour, the pigmentation is unreal. The lipstick has a really creamy matte finish, leaving my lips so soft. The staying power is also tremendous, I haven’t found any lipsticks which can beat it, so everyone should try this lipstick out, and it’s so gorgeous. Furthermore the lipstick has a dreamy cherry smell that I find so refreshing. This was the lipstick I decided to wear for prom.

DSC_0535 (2)DSC_0507 (2)

Miss Sporty lipstick in the shade 053
I recently discovered this lipstick in Boots on a trip to Liverpool. I love the strawberry red colour, it just adds a touch of life to my face and I usually wear it when I have little eye makeup on, so really, it’s perfect for days when I want makeup on, but not to an excess. The staying power is not as good as my other most loved lipsticks, however that’s what you expect from a cheaper high street brand. The colour pigmentation is quite good for the price I paid.

DSC_0538 (2)High end lip glosses

DSC_0509 (2) DSC_0512

Naked Urban Decay lip gloss in the shade Sesso
I got this lip gloss from the Urban Decay Naked On The Run pallet for my birthday. At first I didn’t really think much about lip glosses, however I was totally converted to lip glosses after try this one. The texture is lovely on the lips, keeping them really moisturized and hydrated, for 3-4 hours. I also love the tingly minty flavour. The lip gloss colour Sesso is a really pretty colour, which is so universal for most of my makeup looks. I just pop it in my bag whenever I go out and about. Looking at my collection of lip glosses this has to be my all-time favour day time lip gloss, I will always rely on it to do the job.

DSC_0525 DSC_0533 (2)

Ted Baker red lip gloss
This lip gloss came from a Ted Baker set, I received from a family member at Christmas. Since I adore the Ted Baker cosmetic range and in fact the whole brand, I was obviously extremely enthuses to try it out. The colour is a beautiful vibrant rose red shade, it’s a classic in any makeup collection, adding class and sophistication to the whole appearance. Although it is a lip gloss, it behaves much like a lipstick, in fact I prefer it to my other classic red lipstick by Miss Sporty, because it’s a lot easier to apply leaving a matte finish. This lipstick has to be one of my most loved and used makeup items.  I don’t wear it every day and like to wear it for special occasions. If you are looking for a classic red lip colour, but are too scared to use a lipstick, I highly recommend it. You can even just apply a little to achieve a much lighter shade.

DSC_0532 (2)DSC_0529 (2)

June favourites

Thursday 2nd July 2015

Top ten June favourites

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June has been such a happy month, the summer has finally decided to start properly, with the sun making an appearance in cold old England. Seriously where I live in Manchester it never stops raining.

June is one of my favourite months, as it’s just after my birthday in May, and who doesn’t love the sunny weather and the bright colours summer season offers. This month I have been loving a huge range of health products, books, brilliant make up products I don’t think I could live without and technology, so here is my June favourites.

1. Mac studio fix powder + foundation

After discovering this brilliant makeup product from one of my favourite you tubers and bloggers I had to try it out. I was so surprised by its brilliants. The mac powder can be used as a setting powder which leaves the skin with a matte smooth finish, your skin has a faultless beauty, enabling you to achieve either a natural princess look, or you can build more depth, because you can build up coverage. So it’s great if you are looking for a flawless, beautiful appeal. On the other hand the powder can also be used as a tremendous foundation, if you do not want thick liquid foundation. Whenever I don’t want to do the full make up hog, I find using the powder a life saver. I still look and feel beautiful. The powder allows you to build up coverage, you can add more layers, and enabling you to fit you aspired beauty look, so the powder suits everyone and every skin type. The powder comes with a sponge, but I usually use a big fluffy brush from Estee Lauder, so that I can cover my whole face much easier. I also find sponges pack to much powder in the wrong places, so you tend to find the powder runs out much quicker.

2.Clinique eyeshadow pen in the shade Ample amber

I just love this product, I use in nearly every make up look, because it suits so many different eye shadows, especially the naked pallet 1, 2 & 3 from Urban Decay, and my ultimate favourite the Clinique eye shadow quads. The colour is a smooth orangey brown, which brings out the blue in my eyes. I find the eyeshadow pen is a good primer for other eyeshadow colours. It can be used as a main colour if you are in a rush and just want one or two main colours for your eyes. It can be a tint colour going over the other eyeshadow colours because it is a non-matte glimmer colour. The only issue I have with the product is its cost, I bought it for £17 from Selfridges which is a little pricey, but it lasts ages and there is so many colours to choose from the Clinique collection of eye shadow tints.

3. Almond butter by meridian

Having discovered this amazing product in my local wholefood shop, I have been hooked. I use it as a spread on the Biona Organic rye bread, in smoothies, on top of porridge, and baking. The product is made from 100% almonds, so it’s really good for you. Almonds are high in mono-unsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats as are found in olive oil, which have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease. Almonds are one of my favourite nuts, I try to incorporate them in my diet as much as possible, and so having almonds in a spreadable form is so much easier. A good snack idea is to put a little almond butter on some chopped apples.

4. Goji berries

What a wonderful joy goji berries are, I love the nutritious factors they provide and especially their colour and flavour. Before I changed my lifestyle to plant based, I had not really heard of goji berries, because you cannot really find them in their pure form in your regular supermarket. I add goji berries to my breakfast, they go great with porridge or with different dried fruit on top of yogurt. Whenever I put them in smoothies there colour and flavour pop through. Goji berries have many brilliant health benefits such as boosting the immune system and brain activity, protecting against heart disease and cancer, and improving life expectancy. Goji berries contain vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron, and other antioxidants. The super powder milled Flaxseed, I usually try to put with everything contains goji berries as their benefits are hard to ignore.

5. Love Tanya – biography by Tanya burr

I have found this book a real pleasure to read in the last month, I bought it from Waterstones after a friend recommended it, and I have loved every second. The book has taught me so much, from make- up tips, skincare, food and inspirational advice, I could not put it down. Tanya burr the you tuber and blogger is such as inspirational person making me view my life in a more positive outlook. You can pick up the book at any page, as each section is such a great read, it’s one of those books you know you will keep to refer to in every life situations. I can just imagine myself taking the book on holiday and reading it by a beach. So why not give the book a read you will be drawn in as soon as you open the first page. So thankyou Tanya bur for providing such a brilliant book for us all to read. My mum laughed when I bought the book because she is also called Tanya, she was so tempted to put an ”I” over the title so it would read “I Love Tanya”, she is such a sweet person 🙂 xxxx .

6. Clinique In the pink-shimming tones powder

Having multiple tonal blushes in one blusher has always appeared to me as a bit weird, because I am so used to using single blusher tones in my makeup routine. But when I was given this mixed blusher for my birthday I was intrigued. I fell in love with it as soon as I used it. The blusher gives my cheeks a sweet confound shimmer which does not appear to bright, adding to my natural glow. The powder has 3 different tonal colours, a light shimmer highlight, which enlightens my cheek bones, a baby pink blush, which is a beautiful natural colour and then a bolder pink shade. The 3 tones work really well together and appear as a uplifting glow. I found the powder really suited my skin type well. I can use the powder in an everyday makeup look. I found this product shared similar beneficial properties to the Mac mineralise skinfinish in lightyear, the highlight makes anyone appear more awake and photo ready.

7. Super foodies red Granola, Goji and Agai berry

I discovered this organic vegan granola in my local health store Holland and Barrett. I love the products super foodies have introduced in the past, it’s one of the brands I get time and time again, so I was keen to try their new granola range, because it delivers amazing flavours which are both health beneficial and fit easily into my lifestyle . The packaging is so vibrant, I was drawn to it straight away. The granola tastes so fruity it’s one of those product you keep on buying as no other brand can beat it. The product is quite pricey, so it’s a luxury necessity I get excited to buy. I have been incorporation it into my breakfast with natural yogurt, it just makes me feel so good inside and I don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner. There is also a brilliant offer at Holland and Barret at the moment, if you buy 2 Super foodie granola products you get a free book called “5 steps to becoming a super foodie”

8.  Nikon D40 blogging camera

Since starting my Blog I have been using this camera, its quality is next to none, enabling me to use a large range of focus points, due to the large lens size. The camera is much light than previous cameras I have used, which is great if you travel a lot. The camera can be kept in a small bag, with no trouble. I also love the range of functions the camera provides, I can do so much from choosing different filters, cropping image and even having different image size setup. For the price I paid for this camera, I am surprisingly pleased with the quality and I would highly recommend this piece of kit or similar models to potential bloggers and photographers, but at the end of the day this is just my opinion. The Nikon Range are always brilliant compared to competing brands such as canon and Samsung.

9. Chia seeds

I have recently got into chia seeds ,they are an absolutely beast of a superfood ,there is so many benefits they provide for anyone’s health, but particular for me, they help boost my energy levels. I normally put them in energy bars, baking, smoothies and particularly my breakfast routine. I can’t believe I didn’t discover them sooner. So if you are thinking of starting a plant based lifestyle you have to get chia seeds. I normally get them from Holland and Barret or my local wholefood store but they are found in Tesco and some really big Asda stores.

10. Estee lauder fluffy make up brush

I recently bought this brush for my birthday, I fell in love with this product, as it is so smooth and silky on the skin. The brush applies powder brilliantly with amazing coverage, I now use this brush on a regular basis. I do not think I will be using another one for a long time. The Brush is a stylish tool, I feel so special using it, especially as Estee lauder is one my favourite trusted make up brands. It’s good to have a few High end product in the make- up bag.


Getting ready for prom

Friday 26th June 2015

Getting ready for prom is always a hectic time, you have so much to think about, from hair, make up, nails, buying your perfect dress, accessories and shoes to be just right. I found getting ready for prom a stressful time, as I had dreamed of the immaculate look I was trying to aim for, my hair had to be just right and my make up had to look flawless. Whilst getting ready my emotions were tangled between excited, nervous and a little stressed that I couldn’t reach perfection. However, as the night progressed I realised, no one is perfect and reaching the celebrity looks you so often see is glossy magazines isn’t real, everyone can just look amazing in their own right. With a little time and effort and a little inspiration everyone can shine through their shy skin and blossom into a beauty.


I always like to do my hair before my makeup because I feel like it takes the longest and I do not want my make up to slide off my face with the heat of the hair dryer. For my hair my mum booked me into the hairdressers, a lovely little salon called pure, in my village where I went for a loose curl look.

Once my hair was ready, I washed my face to get rid of any impurities and oils which will offset my makeup, I always use a cleanser, then the Clinique block soap and a bit of Nivea moisturiser. I have stuck to this simple skin care routine for a while, and finds it works best, giving my skin a smooth natural appearance. I have naturally dry skin anyways, but before I had a proper skin routine, I used to find my dry skin popping through my makeup, it drove me mad. There is 4 skin types, oily, normal, dry and combination. Skin care is a really important part of makeup because it is the one element you should spend the most time getting right. If you have clear skin you can go for a more natural look and you will find your makeup stays on a lot longer.

Capture 2


The extract from Tanya Burr’s book “Love Tanya” is an inspiration to millions of how important skin care is, and made me realise I need a stable routine. “On average in the UK we spend about 5 minutes on our skincare and about 25 minutes on makeup, whilst in Japan, they spend twenty five minutes on skincare and five minutes on makeup, which is why all the people there have such amazing skin”


Whenever I put makeup on I often realised it came off really easily, especially when It was a warm day, but a friend told me about using a primer. I had never really used them before because I thought they were just an expensive serum you didn’t need. But a primer keeps the makeup on for much longer as the makeup can cling to the skins surface more effectively. I use a simple No7 primer and then the Pore Fessional by Benefits, which not only hides my pores but is an excellent primer, However it is on the pricey side.


DSC_1483Once the primer has been rubbed in, I then took my foundation and put a bit on the back of my hand. Using a Real techniques buffing brush, really blend the foundation in to the skin using a circular motions of the brush strokes and round the nose and eyes push the foundation to the corners to get equal coverage. I use the wake me up foundation by Rimmel London, because It has great coverage ,the foundation gives a dewy look ,it also given the skin a natural warming appeal, whilst not having too much shimmer. I love the fresh smell, the foundation is not too heavy, but you can choose any foundation, you want.

 I would suggest using a foundation which does not have a lot of shimmer because you do not get flash backs when you are taking photos. The top drug store foundation I would recommend to use for such an event are either Rimmel wake me up, Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation or if you want to look extra special you can go for the high end foundations which are perfect for prom such as, Nars sheer glow, but the Nars luminous weightless foundation is better as it does not have as much flash back and my ultimate favourite, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation or Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s really important to find a foundation which suits your skin type and skin colour, it best to get someone at a makeup counter to help you because looking too orange or too pale is not a good luck and it defeats the points of makeup. Make up is supposed to accentuate your beauty which still maintaining a natural look.


After applying my foundation, I then used a concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes and any annoying spots that the foundation did not cover. Many people prefer to use concealer before foundation, but I think that if you do it that way ,the concealer just disappeared and you have to start again. I searched long and hard for a good concealer, I narrowed it down to two which are amazing. The Rimmel wake me up concealer correcteur or the collection lasting perfection concealer that everyone has been raving about, I find that this concealer can be used as a highlighter too .Once my concealer is applied, with the real techniques concealer brush, I then buff it in with the real techniques buffing brush.




To keep the foundation on I use a powder, I have tried so many different powders over time. But I couldn’t find a good one, which gave me a matte look, leaving my skin smooth and keeping the makeup on. But I then discovered the mac studio fix powder plus foundation. I found out about this product from my favourite you tuber Niomi smart. You can use the powder as a foundation if you don’t like liquid foundation, whilst it also acts as an amazing matte powder, enabling you to build coverage. I blended the powder in with a big fluffy Estee lauder brush, its best to use a big fluffy brush compared to a smaller foundation brush, as you will not miss anywhere on your face, building an even coverage. I just love this powder, I know it will be one of those products, I will never stop using. Whenever I am not feeling like a full makeup day I can just pop the powder on, I feel and look great.

DSC_1477 DSC_1478 DSC_1479


I then move on to the eyes. When applying eye shadow you need the correct brushes, because they made blending a lot easier than using your finders or those rubbish padded brushes you get in many eye shadow sets. You can also use an eye primer is you find your eye shadow comes off really easily. I firstly cover the eye lid base with the chubby stick shadow crayon for eyes from Clinique in the shade 04 ample amber.


I then took a darker colour from the Clinique quad eye shadows in the shade 38 blushed which is a beautiful glimmer brown, I used this colour through the crease using the real techniques thin eyeshadow brush, then I took the shade 20 jammin’ which is a darker brown in the far corners of the eye.


Then I took two pieces of tape and positioned them on the corners of the eyes, facing outward to create a defined line going off the eyes. This allows you to be as messy as you like when applying the other eyeshadows. But the tape leaves a neat polished line, which is hard to achieve without the tape. I found out about this trick from one of my favourite makeup you tubers Hannah rennee.


I then took a darker colour from the Clinique quad eye shadows in the shade 38 blushed which is a beautiful glimmer brown, I used this colour through the crease using the real techniques thin eyeshadow brush, then I took the shade 20 jammin’ which is a darker brown in the far corners of the eye. I then blended the eye shadow with a big no7 eye brush. Next I took the shade DIVE from the urban decay naked on the run travel pallet, popping a little on the eye lid.


Lastly I took a light pink shade called morning java from the Clinique quad pallet and put a little on the corners of my eyes, near the bridge of my eyes. I then took a no7 brown eye pencil outlining the bottom of my eyes. I took an angled eyeliner brush from the make so eco taking the colour 38 blushed going over the eye pencil to achieve an even smokier look.

DSC_1425Next I lined the top of my eyelids with the Eyeko skinny liquid black eyeliner. I used to find eyeliner so hard to use, but it just takes practice, you can also opt to use an eyeliner pencil, I normally use the urban decay 24/7 glide on eye liner .

DSC_1427 DSC_1428

I then moved on to my eyebrows, which I just hate ,I can never get them the same, but as zoella quoted” eyebrows are sisters and not twins. I use the so eco brow brush, with the colour charcoal brown from the mac pallet .

I then focused on my cheeks moving onto contouring highlighting and blusher. It took me a while to learn how to apply the powders correctly, but it’s worth checking out some u tubers videos such as Zoella, Tanya burr ,Niomi Smart and Pixiwoo, there is so many out there ,and I am not an expert. Contouring can give your face more shape and make it look slimmer. It can help you bring out your cheek bones, slim your nose and sculpt you face, intensifying features you like. You want to use dark no shimmer matte shades on areas you want to absorb light , such as your cheek bones . Highlighting brings light back into your face illuminating certain features such as your cupids bow and the apples of the cheeks.



For contouring I used the sleek contour kit in medium. I took the real techniques contour brush and lightly glided the powder, from the end of the mouth to the top of the ears, you can do a sort of pout fish face in order to see your check bones more clearly. Then I took the real techniques buffing brush and blended the powered contour in. In a circular motion take the brush along the line in an upwards position. To get really precise results, you can opt to use a proper contour brush such as the nars contour brush or the contour brush from mac.

DSC_1431 DSC_1430


Then I take a little blush from the urban decay naked on the run pallet and blend it up the apples of my cheeks, smile to find the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards until no hard lines are left. Blusher is good if you want to bring back a little light into you face, but you do not have to wear it if you do not want to. I then blend the blusher into the face a bit more with a big Estee lauder fluffy brush.

Next is highlighting, I usually use a cream highlighter under my eyes and then brush some powder highlighter over the top to set it in place. The collection lasting perfection concealer can be used as a highlighter. Place it is a triangle shape below the eyes. Finally I take a powder highlighter from Urban Decay and over the cream highlighter. I took some more powder highlighters to go over the line of the nose, chin tip, cupids bow, a bit of the forehead above my eyebrow and below the eyebrows on the eyebrow bone.


I then took the mac false lashes extreme black to give my lashes volume and structure followed by a top coat of my favourite mascara Maybelline new York The Rocket volum’ express.



Lastly I used on of my favourite lipsticks the Rimmel London Katie 107. Putting on a lip colour makes the look, as it is an important component of makeup. Deciding what colour suits you best is all about trial an error, a shade might suit your friend but could look strange on yourself, so try out loads of colours, don’t just buy a random one.