3 steps guide to natural cosmetics

Recently I have been made aware of the detrimental effects that many of the chemicals found in my cosmetic products can have on the body, they can be filled with toxins that our bodies cannot naturally absorb. For example Parabens which are a group of chemicals found in a range of beauty products can affect … Continue reading 3 steps guide to natural cosmetics


Sephora Haul

Last week I went to new York and Washington for a week in the February half term it was a surreal experience , that taught me a lot especially about American history from taking a trip to the capital building, the white house, the UN and liberty bell in Philadelphia. However I did a lot … Continue reading Sephora Haul

Gold smoky eye and nude lip makeup look

Recently my very talented friend Stephanie who has the blog https://stephaniegracealt.wordpress.com/  did my makeup for me, so I decided to share the look on my blog because one of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to get back into blogging. I have subsequently been getting distracted with college work which takes up nearly all my … Continue reading Gold smoky eye and nude lip makeup look