Healthy shakes

Monday 29th June 2015


I found this recipe idea inspiration from my favourite you tuber and blogger Niomi smart in ( what I eat in a day) blog.

The taste is a refreshing cool pick me up in the morning, providing a boost of energy from the fresh banana and the finely ground roasted coffee. It’s also super easy to make which is great if you are in a rush, you can easily fit this shake into your busy morning routine. The shake is perfect before the gym as a pre workout drink. So why not try the delicious shake, you will be given a boost of energy, and the sweet flavour sensation will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for what the day can throw at you. You can change the shake flavour by using any tea or coffee, so you could go for a fruity flavour by using fruit tea, a strong expresso, or even a creamy cappuccino.


1 banana

3-4 teaspoons of ground coffee ( I used a ground coffee called mocha, that I bought from my local wholefood store ,but you can go for any tea or coffee )

Glass of ice cubes

1 cup of water



Firstly take the whole banana and mix it a food blender/processor until it is a mushy consistency, then add the cup of water and mix again, a froth should form.


Secondly prepare the coffee in a cafeteria, but only add a little hot water as you want it to have a strong flavour. Place all the ice cubes from one ice cube tray in a glass, then pour in the banana and water froth, with the strong coffee.





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