Paris Day 1


DSC_1074On day 1 I visited Montmartre and then the louvre and Halles area of Paris.

I have recently returned from a lovely trip to Paris with my mum as a treat to celebrate my 18thbirthday. On the first day we visited the Montmartre region of Paris because it was close to where we were staying in Garibaldi within the Saint – Ouen district which is north of the city. I loved the area due to the winding sloped streets and numerous petit shops and cafes which were scattered all around. The old square called place de Tertre was full of street artists and outdoor cafes, it has a lot of history and in fact in 1898, louis Renaults first car was driven up to the place de Tertre starting the French auto industry. Unfortunately the rain dampened out plans to sit outside for a coffee, so instead we went inside to shelter in a little restaurant bar called Carte Bancaire just off the square.

One of my favourite sights from the whole trip has to be the view from the Sacré- Coeur, not just because it is a popular tourist hotspot but because of the truly breath-taking view of Paris. Even if the weather was not in my favour being a slightly wet overcast day I still could not help feeling totally lost by it. Climbing up the Butte de Montmartre step was totally worth it. I even managed to squeeze in a quick cake stop before we got on the metro again. I found a really small patisserie called La Galette Des Moulins there selection of sweet treats and artisan bread was divine.





A quick hop on the metro at lamark caulaincourt to opera transported me to the Palais Royal gardens close to the louvre in central Paris. The Palais Royal gardens will always remain in my best memories because I could have spent all day there. The gardens are so peaceful it is a perfect spot for a picnic and is defiantly a must see spot in Paris, if you are looking for the traditional Parisian experience.


Along the edges of the gardens is a strip of upmarket shops such as Stella McCartney and Champaign bars at the edge of the garden. Me and my mum stopped for some cocktails at a little restaurant called Café du theatre. We must have been sat there for at least an hour just warming in the sun and admiring the Palais Royal architecture. The Palais is soaked in rich history it was constructed in 1624 by Cardinal Richelieu and in the 18th century Louis xiv frequented here and more significantly, west of the Gardens in Galerie de Montpensier is where the French revolution broke out. Today the Palais Royal building is the Governmental Counseil d’État which is why only the gardens are open to the public.



Next we decided to visit the infamous Louvre museum which houses probably some of the most famous art works such the Raft of the Medusa and not to forget the Mona Lisa, I still can’t get over how many tourist there were pushing and struggling to get to the front to take a picture. Personally I don’t really see why people were so despite to get to the front. Since the louvre was a little bit to overwhelming by the sheer amount of people we only stayed for a little while, but I must say I did enjoy visiting the Cour Carrée courtyard outside the louvre. Again I was blown away by the French architecture.

DSC_0054After I came out of the louvre I was really hungry so me and my mum decided that we should have a walk around the right bank of the Palais Royal towards Les Halles area of Paris. There was so many beautiful restaurants and café bars along the streets we thought we would never be able to decide where to go, but eventually we found a little Restaurants called Bliss, they made the best salads and of course I can’t forget to mention the cocktails. After we decide to just explore the Halles area with no idea where we were going but I suppose that us the adventure. To our surprise we stumbled across the Centre Georges Pompidou, the modern architecture was a complete contrast from all the Parisian buildings we had seen earlier as there was complicity of structure and form. As the sun began to set we just had time to walk to the Notre Dame, followed by a final visit to the infamous Shakespeare and company bookshop.





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