Outfit of the Day

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Style posts have to be one of my favourite posts to create, my lovely beauty and fashion blogger friend Steph  https://stephaniegracealt.wordpress.com and I decided to do a style post collab since the weather is getting a lot nicer going towards May. Her post will be up next Friday so you should defiantly visit her blog it is amazing.

DSC_0741 (2)

My outfit of choice is just a super casual look combining a pair of top shop denim jeans with one of my favourite jackets from Zara, and a delicate black lace top also from Zara. The shoes are a pair of classic suede black boots that I picked up from New Look in the summer. My small black bag is from Mangos suit collection range, and lastly I decide to wear a red and green tartan scarf to tie the look together (pardon the pun) from a little vintage shop in Manchester called Pop Boutique. I still have the habit of wearing a lot of black, but I just think it is a colour that goes with everything. I would love some comments below of how to maybe add a little bit more colour into my style.






DSC_0667 (3).JPG




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