3 steps guide to natural cosmetics


Recently I have been made aware of the detrimental effects that many of the chemicals found in my cosmetic products can have on the body, they can be filled with toxins that our bodies cannot naturally absorb. For example Parabens which are a group of chemicals found in a range of beauty products can affect the endocrine system, which can potentially lead to breast cancer or early puberty. Consumer safety .org challenged me to come up with 3 steps to clean up my cosmetics. So I have decided to share my 3 steps that I think will make a big difference to not just reducing the detrimental effects that these chemicals could have, but also to spread public awareness. Before this issue was made aware to me I had no idea that my favourite eye shadow or face cream could contain unsafe chemicals. Since I am trying to push for a natural plant based diet I think it makes sense to use natural cosmetic products too.


Step 1: Clean out your skin care

I believe our skin especially our faces is the most delicate part that we need to protect especially if you wear makeup on a day to day basis. I have tried to buy all natural skin care, for instance investing in ethical and natural brands such as Neal yards remedies. The purifying palmarosa facial wash is one of the most important steps in my skin care routine. The product contains a range of non-synthetic, natural ingredients such as orange peel oil. Moisturizer is also an important product I make sure is safe, for the reason that a large range of moisturizers on the market have harsh chemicals such as Retinyl Palmitate which can lead to serious skin damage. You can find out if your moisturizer is safe by using the search feature on the consumer safety website https://www.consumersafety.org/. I found it was a great tool, as I could do all my research in one place. The moisturizer I use is the Origins GinZing, it is composed of natural safe ingredients so i don’t have to worry about the possible long term harm.


Step 2 : do some researchPhototasticCollage-2017-03-10-15-59-38

I feel that we are unaware of what is actually in our cosmetic products, how many times have you thought about the ingredients contained ,the answer is probably never. These days it is just easier to assume the products we use are safe, but I believe the best thing to do is to do research on the ingredients that is contained. Consumer safety have easy guides and a search feature to utilize, so research is already sorted for you. It is also important to check before you buy this might seem like a laborious task especially if you are in a rush but I think it is an important step to take. One of the most influential pieces of research that I found was a blog post titled “7 Dangerous Ingredients in Everyday Cosmetics and Toiletries” https://www.consumersafety.org/news/products/7-dangerous-ingredients-in-everyday-cosmetics-and-toiletries/. I was so surprised that a lot of the old products that I used to use contained some of these chemicals that are listed are potentially harmful


Step 3: be aware of companies that use natural ingredients to ones that don’t

It is always useful to know what companies produce natural nontoxic cosmetics, this links back to my previous point that research is key, because there is no point being in the dark about this issue if you want to protect your health. Furthermore I really enjoy supporting naturally sourced company as supposed to large brands that do not take consumer safety seriously.


I hope that this blog post provided some useful guidance on how to make the changes to more natural products, I feel so strongly about the health of not just myself but also my readers because at the end of the day the blogging community is a brilliant way to share lifestyle advice and tips.









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