Sephora Haul


Last week I went to new York and Washington for a week in the February half term it was a surreal experience , that taught me a lot especially about American history from taking a trip to the capital building, the white house, the UN and liberty bell in Philadelphia. However I did a lot of shopping in Sephora since we can’t get a lot of the brands in the UK, such as Tarte and Marc Jacobs. It has always been dream of mine to do a huge Sephora shopping spree with my friends especially my best friend Amelia . Although i spend a lots of money it was completely worth it so I decided to share my Sephora haul on my blog.


Modern Renaissance pallet

I have wanted this pallet for a long time, after it came out last year however it is almost impossible to buy this in the UK, every time it is available on beauty bay it is sold out .The pallet is perfect for travel because all the shades are beautiful and you can create a number of gorgeous looks. One of my favourite shades is Realgar and Venetian red, the shimmer shadows are also perfectly pigmented.

Tarteist pro pallet

This pallet is a true beauty it contains 4 stunning powder highlighters, a cool toned contour and a cream bronzer/contour . I absolutely love this delicate pallet because highlighters are my favourite thing, it is so beautiful. I also need to get out of the habit of just relying on my Jeffree star highlighter.


Sephora matte perfection powder

I have been looking for an under eye powder for a long time, because whenever I put any concealer under my eyes it never stays. I tried the Estee lauder light setting powder but have found it too thick so decided to try the light Sephora powder. I like the coverage and feel it gives my under eyes Good coverage so it is a brilliant purchase.

Urban decay eye shadow primer potion

This eyeshadow base has been on my mind for at least 2 years now, but I have never got around to purchasing it. Since I was in Sephora I decided to just pick it up on the way, it is a very hyped product so I thought I would give it a go.

Marc Jacobs velvet noir major volume mascara

My friend Steph used this mascara on me a few weeks ago when she did my makeup, I did a recent blog post on it below. I could not get over the volume it gave and the intense blackness. Even though it was hard to part 26$ for a mascara I think it is totally worth it even the packaging is beautiful.


Guerlain terracotta bronzer.

I already have a the duo Guerlain bronzer which I adore but it is a little light so I decided to buy the original terracotta bronzer in 03 natural .It is just such a stunning product the packaging is sleek and the actually bronzer well it is just amazing, don’t let me get started on how much i adore it, because i feel I will be talking for ages.

 Clinique blush 02 peach pop

This blush looks so beautiful because it is a mould of a flower, I also like how there is a slight sheen to the blush. I do like collecting blushes especially if they are as beautiful as this one.

Mac Desert rose blush

This blush is perfect for pale skin because it a subtle muted pink, I really love it especially how it manages to end up lasting on my face for hours. I find that most of the blushes I own do not last as long or even give a good colour payoff.


Tarte Rainforest by the sea water foundation

I have been meaning to try this foundation for a while after a bunch of you tuber have been raving over it as a good full coverage foundation. I thought I would try it out because I have been obsessed with the Nars Luminous weightless foundation which is also a water based foundation. I like the coverage it gave but I felt that it could have been more full coverage because I had to put another layer on to get the required coverage. It did have a good feel on my face and it lasted remarkably well.

Nars Velvet lip glide in playpen

I saw this in Sephora and had to purchase one the packaging is just divine and the lip product is like a lip gloss but is more of a matte finish. The colour I went for is a coral pink, which is similar to my charlotte Tilbury lipstick in sexy sienna.


Tarteist lip paint

I decided to splash out on one of the Tarte liquid lipsticks in the shade delish it is a really pretty dark nude so I thought it would be perfect for my friends birthday.


Thankyou for reading my blog post I hope it was an enjoyable and insightful read .


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