Makeup favourites


I have been loving a huge range of makeup product that I use in my daily makeup routine, so I thought I would share them on my blog.


•Nars luminous weightless foundation

This is a full coverage long wearing foundation, which appears as a wet consistency but blends remarkably quickly. I loved the flawless finish it gives, which was quite surprising because I first expected it to be hard to blend by how wet it is. I have the shade Light 02 mont blanc which is a perfect colour match. Overall this foundation is a firm rival between some of my favourite foundations such as Mac studio fix fluid, I had to share it in my makeup favourites.

•Guerlain Terracotta joli teint bronzer duo

This is a wonderful product for a little natural bronzy glow. I was so glad I made this purchase because I was quite a large investment, however I always find myself using it. The bronzer is not too orange toned so does not appear as vividly on the face, instead you can achieve a natural glow especially as the bronzer has a small pink segment you can use to add a little  blusher, but I just swirl my brush into the whole compact so It picks up a little pink glow. The bronzer in not completely matt is has a little bit of sparkle emphasising the naturally glow effect on the face.


•Zoeva rose gold brushes

I have been loving this particular brush set for a long time now, because they are really quite beautiful to stare at and not to mention  the capability of making the face look flawless without a clumpy finish, they are really smooth to the skin. I just love them. I have been recommending them to all my friends, they have to try them out. The face brushes are so smooth to the face especially the 102 silk finish foundation brush which does not absorb product into the brush as some other makeup brushes do, foundation glides so evenly and lightly.  The 106 powder brush lightly disperses powder gently leaving a silky finish.

•Sleek contour kit

This has to be the only contour powder that suits my skin tone and does not appear muddy on the face. I lightly apply the contour to the hollows of my cheeks with the Zoeva lux sheer cheek brush religiously everyday. The contour highlight is quite subtle it is not the most pigmented but is really lovely. The contour is relatively inexpensive for the quality I feel more people should try it out.

•Mac studio fix powder  foundation

This has been mentioned in my blog many times, as it is my all-time favourite powder, i just love it too pieces. I always feel like I am having a perfect makeup day when I set my makeup, because I can easily achieve the desired matte finish. The powder also sets my makeup all day with little oily patches. But I do tend to take it with me in my bag to lightly touch up. You can use the powder instead of foundation, because it has buildable coverage so when I don’t want a heavy makeup day I will just use powder and a little concealer.

•Estee lauder envy sculpting pallet

I got this pallet at Christmas as part of a limited edition set, the pallet has a range of 12 pure colour envy sculpting eyeshadows which are incredibly creamy and long lasting. It is perfect for travelling, the compact is a really handy to achieve a full range of looks. One of my favourite eyeshadows in the pallet is 12 pink mink a beautiful white highlight and 01 defiant nude a dark brown I usually fill in my eyebrows with. The 2 blushes in the pallet are also mesmerising. The pure colour blush in 08 peach passion is a perfect pale blush for a subtle makeup look, I just love the shade because it has a slight glittery undertone.  Whilst the pure colour blush in 02 pink kiss is more of a vivid shade with a modest amount of silvery glitter undertone. The blush is more illuminating so a little hand should be applied to the brush.



•The Body Shop all in one Instablur face primer

This is my favourite primer I have found, it defiantly makes my makeup last so much longer, it has been a firm makeup favourite for a long time. The primer has a rubbery clear texture which is soft but a little bit odd to get used compared to a more liquid formula, nevertheless it does work as an excellent primer.

Bobbie Brown lash glamour extreme lengthening mascara

This mascara did not really jump out to me at first, because I usually go for a mascara with a larger wand, typically it is easier to build length and volume. Therefore I was very surprised by how spectacular  this product performed. You can build so much length and volume without clumpy lashes. This mascara should defiantly be raved about more because it is a hidden gen hidden in the mascara world. In fact I was so impressed I left a review on GlamGeek. Defiantly a firm favourite staple in any makeup look.

Zoeva luxe colour blush in Rush Rush

I had to include this blush because it is one of my favourites, the packaging is beautiful and the actually blush is a gorgeous colour. The blush is very pigmented so you only need a little bit but I just appreciate the warming pink shade.  I always look so healthy when I wear it and I will defiantly be collecting a few more to add to my collection. Especially how affordable Zoeva products are .


•Clinique shimmering tones powder ( in the pink)

This has always been a staple highlight, the 9 pink toned highlights in the pan can be used on their own, however I love mixing them all together. I also included this in one of my earlier blog posts on my June favourites.

•Collection lasting perfection concealer

I usually use 2 shades of concealer 01 to highlight and 02 to conceal any blemishes. I love this concealer as it has a brilliant longevity and staying power, plus the price for the quality is unbeatable I know that when I use this concealer none of my pesky spots will pop out .

•Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in crème D’nude

I use this as an eye shadow base to prevent the eye shadow creasing it makes the  eye shadow last longer on the eyes . I used to use the Mac painterly pot in soft ochre, but I believe the Maybelline base is much better, especially as it is not as pricey.



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