Raspberry, Beetroot and Baobab smoothie bowl

This is a beautifully photogenic vegan breakfast or snack idea, it looks gorgeous and tastes incredible, especially as raspberry have always been my favourite fruit of choice.

The smoothie bowl gives a rejuvenating boost of nutrients and energy to your day, so it is perfect as a breakfast idea in the morning.

The smoothie incorporates Baobab, a superfood from the Baobab tree found native to mainland Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The natural superfood is a rich source of Vitamin C, almost 50% fibre and has more antioxidants than any fruit. Baobab supports, Immune function, energy release and healthy skin.

DSC_0198 (2)



1 Banana

¼ of a cooked beetroot

1 tbsp. of Baobab super fruit powder

1 cup of Raspberries

¼ tbsp. of cinnamon

¼ tbsp. of ginger

1 cup of Almond milk


Place everything is a high speed blender until a smooth consistency has been reached ( I used a nutribullet )

I then placed a couple of pistachio nuts, flaked almonds ,goji berries , sliced bananas, raspberries and pumpkin seeds on top of the smoothie .

DSC_0207 (2)



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