My Autumn lipstick picks

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DSC_0522 (2)Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, although the days get shorter with the weather closing in, I love the cosy nights in front of a burning fire. Autumn is a time to get excited with a bunch of amazing celebrations from Halloween to Christmas. When Autumn comes around each year, I strangely get excited, I can change my lipsticks from summery pink tones, for deeper berry autumnal colours. I only have a small collection ranging  from high-end to high street, but I am really proud of it. Whenever I put on one of my favourite autumnal lipsticks, I really get into the autumn spirit.

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High end lipsticks

Lancôme Rough sensation in the shade red desire

Elizabeth Arden beautiful colour lip liner in the shade coral 02

High end lip glosses

Naked Urban Decay lip gloss in the shade Sesso

Ted Baker red lip gloss

High street lipsticks

Rimmel London Kate 107

Miss sporty lipstick in the shade 053

High end lipsticks

Lancôme Rough sensation in the shade red desire
I absolutely adore this lipstick, the colour pigmentation is amazing. The colour is a deep red berry shade, with a beautiful shimmery undertone. It is one of my favourite makeup items, it tends to find its way to my makeup bag on a regular basis at the moment. I just cannot get enough of it. The lipstick also has a really nice scent. The lipstick staying power is ok, it does last for a couple of hours, but you do have to top it up, however this is due to its creamy texture. I find the pigmentation brilliant, the colour is so intense but in a good way.

DSC_0534 (2)

DSC_0508 (2)DSC_0514 (2)

Elizabeth Arden beautiful colour lip liner in the shade coral 02
This lip liner is a luxury product in my book, even though this is a lip pencil. I use it on its own from time to time, and it leaves a really beautiful matte finish. I find the staying power extraordinary, especially when it does not come off whilst eating and drinking. The pencil is a really pretty autumnal coral nude colour, it always reminds me of crisp autumnal leaves and my favourite matte nude lipstick from Mac. I have also found that the lip pencil goes really nicely with one of my all-time favourite blushers, Rose Gold by Sleek. The Elizabeth Arden makeup range is so good, so I will defiantly be buying more in the future.

DSC_0536 (2) DSC_0520 (2)DSC_0516 (2)

High street lipsticks

Rimmel London Kate Moss 107
I searched for this lipstick long and hard in 2013, when I first discovered this beast of a lipstick through social media and the hype on YouTube. I love this so much I just cannot recommend it enough. The lipstick is such a perfect autumn berry colour, the pigmentation is unreal. The lipstick has a really creamy matte finish, leaving my lips so soft. The staying power is also tremendous, I haven’t found any lipsticks which can beat it, so everyone should try this lipstick out, and it’s so gorgeous. Furthermore the lipstick has a dreamy cherry smell that I find so refreshing. This was the lipstick I decided to wear for prom.

DSC_0535 (2)DSC_0507 (2)

Miss Sporty lipstick in the shade 053
I recently discovered this lipstick in Boots on a trip to Liverpool. I love the strawberry red colour, it just adds a touch of life to my face and I usually wear it when I have little eye makeup on, so really, it’s perfect for days when I want makeup on, but not to an excess. The staying power is not as good as my other most loved lipsticks, however that’s what you expect from a cheaper high street brand. The colour pigmentation is quite good for the price I paid.

DSC_0538 (2)High end lip glosses

DSC_0509 (2) DSC_0512

Naked Urban Decay lip gloss in the shade Sesso
I got this lip gloss from the Urban Decay Naked On The Run pallet for my birthday. At first I didn’t really think much about lip glosses, however I was totally converted to lip glosses after try this one. The texture is lovely on the lips, keeping them really moisturized and hydrated, for 3-4 hours. I also love the tingly minty flavour. The lip gloss colour Sesso is a really pretty colour, which is so universal for most of my makeup looks. I just pop it in my bag whenever I go out and about. Looking at my collection of lip glosses this has to be my all-time favour day time lip gloss, I will always rely on it to do the job.

DSC_0525 DSC_0533 (2)

Ted Baker red lip gloss
This lip gloss came from a Ted Baker set, I received from a family member at Christmas. Since I adore the Ted Baker cosmetic range and in fact the whole brand, I was obviously extremely enthuses to try it out. The colour is a beautiful vibrant rose red shade, it’s a classic in any makeup collection, adding class and sophistication to the whole appearance. Although it is a lip gloss, it behaves much like a lipstick, in fact I prefer it to my other classic red lipstick by Miss Sporty, because it’s a lot easier to apply leaving a matte finish. This lipstick has to be one of my most loved and used makeup items.  I don’t wear it every day and like to wear it for special occasions. If you are looking for a classic red lip colour, but are too scared to use a lipstick, I highly recommend it. You can even just apply a little to achieve a much lighter shade.

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