Annacy holiday trip



Whilst visiting the beautiful mountainous provinces of the French alpes, we stayed in Annecy for a couple of days. Annecy is a cultural cosmopolitan alpine town in south eastern France where the River Thiou meets Lac d’Annecy. The town is located close to the Swiss border and the city of Geneva. It’s most commonly visited by tourists for its old town heritage and rich historic culture, with cobbled streets, winding canals and pastel coloured houses. Overlooking the city is the medieval Château d’Annecy, once home to the counts of Geneva.

The town and its tranquil lake nestles in the stunning Rhône Alps area. The whole region with the sensational towering mountain scenery, is one of the most breath-taking places I have ever visited. The fresh cosmopolitan style mixed with the traditional French culture, gives any visited a truly breath taking experience, you feel like you have reached equilibrium with your senses.

DSC_1746 DSC_0051

In the summer months the radiating sun by Lake Annecy is a perfect relaxing site for any family, you can even dip in to the lake for a little soak because the refreshing water is from fresh glacial springs running off mountains such as Mont Blanc which gives it a beautiful emerald glimmer. In the winter months the summer paradise is transformed into a white snowy wonderland, a dream for any winter sports enthusiast. On my visit in the summer holiday months the views were just breath-taking a post card cannot even picture the beauty.



A common sight in the mountains above was paragliders, I even took a trip up cole de forclaz, where we visited the jumping off point for the paragliders. The brilliant spectacle made me super jealous, as I have always wanted to try an extreme sport in which you are jumping into the unknown.



parachute 2


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