July look book 2

Sunday July 26th 2015


After going on an rewarding shopping trip to Annecy with my mum, whilst I was on my holiday in the French alps, I decide to do a look book of what I bought . I also really enjoy making look books, I feel so special sharing my love of fashion with the world. And even if there is only one person readings this I don’t care.

I was wearing a gorgeous black leather suede skirt from Mango in from their the suit collection brand, I just love this item because I feel like it brings the outfit together ,it’s just a stunning centre piece .

My white lace top was from Hollister, although I don’t really shop much in Hollister anymore I loved the neutrality of the design, I feel it enhances the skirt more. I also love the opposing colours of black and white, although it’s sort of old-school, I enjoy the simplicity.


My shoes which I absolutely love are a suede heel from Mango, the design is just so beautiful.

Of course the little pink clutch bag is from River Island.

My sunglasses were from a little boutique in Geneva, I got them ages ago but I just like their shape and colour, it compliments my skin tone really well, and because they are really big if I am having a bad makeup day they are great.



2 thoughts on “July look book 2

    • nicolestockton27 says:

      I absolutely love your blog, its such an inspiration to so many bloggers. What camera do you use to achieve amazing quality images, because I am interested in buying a newer photography camera as the one I use is pretty poor quality.


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