Getting ready for prom

Friday 26th June 2015

Getting ready for prom is always a hectic time, you have so much to think about, from hair, make up, nails, buying your perfect dress, accessories and shoes to be just right. I found getting ready for prom a stressful time, as I had dreamed of the immaculate look I was trying to aim for, my hair had to be just right and my make up had to look flawless. Whilst getting ready my emotions were tangled between excited, nervous and a little stressed that I couldn’t reach perfection. However, as the night progressed I realised, no one is perfect and reaching the celebrity looks you so often see is glossy magazines isn’t real, everyone can just look amazing in their own right. With a little time and effort and a little inspiration everyone can shine through their shy skin and blossom into a beauty.


I always like to do my hair before my makeup because I feel like it takes the longest and I do not want my make up to slide off my face with the heat of the hair dryer. For my hair my mum booked me into the hairdressers, a lovely little salon called pure, in my village where I went for a loose curl look.

Once my hair was ready, I washed my face to get rid of any impurities and oils which will offset my makeup, I always use a cleanser, then the Clinique block soap and a bit of Nivea moisturiser. I have stuck to this simple skin care routine for a while, and finds it works best, giving my skin a smooth natural appearance. I have naturally dry skin anyways, but before I had a proper skin routine, I used to find my dry skin popping through my makeup, it drove me mad. There is 4 skin types, oily, normal, dry and combination. Skin care is a really important part of makeup because it is the one element you should spend the most time getting right. If you have clear skin you can go for a more natural look and you will find your makeup stays on a lot longer.

Capture 2


The extract from Tanya Burr’s book “Love Tanya” is an inspiration to millions of how important skin care is, and made me realise I need a stable routine. “On average in the UK we spend about 5 minutes on our skincare and about 25 minutes on makeup, whilst in Japan, they spend twenty five minutes on skincare and five minutes on makeup, which is why all the people there have such amazing skin”


Whenever I put makeup on I often realised it came off really easily, especially when It was a warm day, but a friend told me about using a primer. I had never really used them before because I thought they were just an expensive serum you didn’t need. But a primer keeps the makeup on for much longer as the makeup can cling to the skins surface more effectively. I use a simple No7 primer and then the Pore Fessional by Benefits, which not only hides my pores but is an excellent primer, However it is on the pricey side.


DSC_1483Once the primer has been rubbed in, I then took my foundation and put a bit on the back of my hand. Using a Real techniques buffing brush, really blend the foundation in to the skin using a circular motions of the brush strokes and round the nose and eyes push the foundation to the corners to get equal coverage. I use the wake me up foundation by Rimmel London, because It has great coverage ,the foundation gives a dewy look ,it also given the skin a natural warming appeal, whilst not having too much shimmer. I love the fresh smell, the foundation is not too heavy, but you can choose any foundation, you want.

 I would suggest using a foundation which does not have a lot of shimmer because you do not get flash backs when you are taking photos. The top drug store foundation I would recommend to use for such an event are either Rimmel wake me up, Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation or if you want to look extra special you can go for the high end foundations which are perfect for prom such as, Nars sheer glow, but the Nars luminous weightless foundation is better as it does not have as much flash back and my ultimate favourite, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation or Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s really important to find a foundation which suits your skin type and skin colour, it best to get someone at a makeup counter to help you because looking too orange or too pale is not a good luck and it defeats the points of makeup. Make up is supposed to accentuate your beauty which still maintaining a natural look.


After applying my foundation, I then used a concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes and any annoying spots that the foundation did not cover. Many people prefer to use concealer before foundation, but I think that if you do it that way ,the concealer just disappeared and you have to start again. I searched long and hard for a good concealer, I narrowed it down to two which are amazing. The Rimmel wake me up concealer correcteur or the collection lasting perfection concealer that everyone has been raving about, I find that this concealer can be used as a highlighter too .Once my concealer is applied, with the real techniques concealer brush, I then buff it in with the real techniques buffing brush.




To keep the foundation on I use a powder, I have tried so many different powders over time. But I couldn’t find a good one, which gave me a matte look, leaving my skin smooth and keeping the makeup on. But I then discovered the mac studio fix powder plus foundation. I found out about this product from my favourite you tuber Niomi smart. You can use the powder as a foundation if you don’t like liquid foundation, whilst it also acts as an amazing matte powder, enabling you to build coverage. I blended the powder in with a big fluffy Estee lauder brush, its best to use a big fluffy brush compared to a smaller foundation brush, as you will not miss anywhere on your face, building an even coverage. I just love this powder, I know it will be one of those products, I will never stop using. Whenever I am not feeling like a full makeup day I can just pop the powder on, I feel and look great.

DSC_1477 DSC_1478 DSC_1479


I then move on to the eyes. When applying eye shadow you need the correct brushes, because they made blending a lot easier than using your finders or those rubbish padded brushes you get in many eye shadow sets. You can also use an eye primer is you find your eye shadow comes off really easily. I firstly cover the eye lid base with the chubby stick shadow crayon for eyes from Clinique in the shade 04 ample amber.


I then took a darker colour from the Clinique quad eye shadows in the shade 38 blushed which is a beautiful glimmer brown, I used this colour through the crease using the real techniques thin eyeshadow brush, then I took the shade 20 jammin’ which is a darker brown in the far corners of the eye.


Then I took two pieces of tape and positioned them on the corners of the eyes, facing outward to create a defined line going off the eyes. This allows you to be as messy as you like when applying the other eyeshadows. But the tape leaves a neat polished line, which is hard to achieve without the tape. I found out about this trick from one of my favourite makeup you tubers Hannah rennee.


I then took a darker colour from the Clinique quad eye shadows in the shade 38 blushed which is a beautiful glimmer brown, I used this colour through the crease using the real techniques thin eyeshadow brush, then I took the shade 20 jammin’ which is a darker brown in the far corners of the eye. I then blended the eye shadow with a big no7 eye brush. Next I took the shade DIVE from the urban decay naked on the run travel pallet, popping a little on the eye lid.


Lastly I took a light pink shade called morning java from the Clinique quad pallet and put a little on the corners of my eyes, near the bridge of my eyes. I then took a no7 brown eye pencil outlining the bottom of my eyes. I took an angled eyeliner brush from the make so eco taking the colour 38 blushed going over the eye pencil to achieve an even smokier look.

DSC_1425Next I lined the top of my eyelids with the Eyeko skinny liquid black eyeliner. I used to find eyeliner so hard to use, but it just takes practice, you can also opt to use an eyeliner pencil, I normally use the urban decay 24/7 glide on eye liner .

DSC_1427 DSC_1428

I then moved on to my eyebrows, which I just hate ,I can never get them the same, but as zoella quoted” eyebrows are sisters and not twins. I use the so eco brow brush, with the colour charcoal brown from the mac pallet .

I then focused on my cheeks moving onto contouring highlighting and blusher. It took me a while to learn how to apply the powders correctly, but it’s worth checking out some u tubers videos such as Zoella, Tanya burr ,Niomi Smart and Pixiwoo, there is so many out there ,and I am not an expert. Contouring can give your face more shape and make it look slimmer. It can help you bring out your cheek bones, slim your nose and sculpt you face, intensifying features you like. You want to use dark no shimmer matte shades on areas you want to absorb light , such as your cheek bones . Highlighting brings light back into your face illuminating certain features such as your cupids bow and the apples of the cheeks.



For contouring I used the sleek contour kit in medium. I took the real techniques contour brush and lightly glided the powder, from the end of the mouth to the top of the ears, you can do a sort of pout fish face in order to see your check bones more clearly. Then I took the real techniques buffing brush and blended the powered contour in. In a circular motion take the brush along the line in an upwards position. To get really precise results, you can opt to use a proper contour brush such as the nars contour brush or the contour brush from mac.

DSC_1431 DSC_1430


Then I take a little blush from the urban decay naked on the run pallet and blend it up the apples of my cheeks, smile to find the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards until no hard lines are left. Blusher is good if you want to bring back a little light into you face, but you do not have to wear it if you do not want to. I then blend the blusher into the face a bit more with a big Estee lauder fluffy brush.

Next is highlighting, I usually use a cream highlighter under my eyes and then brush some powder highlighter over the top to set it in place. The collection lasting perfection concealer can be used as a highlighter. Place it is a triangle shape below the eyes. Finally I take a powder highlighter from Urban Decay and over the cream highlighter. I took some more powder highlighters to go over the line of the nose, chin tip, cupids bow, a bit of the forehead above my eyebrow and below the eyebrows on the eyebrow bone.


I then took the mac false lashes extreme black to give my lashes volume and structure followed by a top coat of my favourite mascara Maybelline new York The Rocket volum’ express.



Lastly I used on of my favourite lipsticks the Rimmel London Katie 107. Putting on a lip colour makes the look, as it is an important component of makeup. Deciding what colour suits you best is all about trial an error, a shade might suit your friend but could look strange on yourself, so try out loads of colours, don’t just buy a random one.




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