Java coffee house review

Whilst in my local village today, I decided to pop into Java, a popular coffee house with my friend Hannah for a drink and a light lunch. I was really impressed with this coffee shop as the decor reminds me of memories in France and Italy, which I can’t wait to visit again, the brilliant culture brightens anyone’s day. I sat outside in the warm sunshine as the patio space was natural with the beautiful floral arrangements and the shades of summer umbrellas. The ambience is pleasantly peaceful and inviting. I feel like Java is a luxury treat, which makes me want to return again in the future.


There was so much choice when I visited and I spent time contemplating what to choose. I went for a toaste which was highly recommended by my friend as she said that it was not too filling and just hit the spot last time she visited. I also ordered an amaretto café frappe, which is a cold creamy coffee flavoured with a shot of amaretto and decorated with a flake with small marshmallows (I just love marshmallows they are one of my guilty pleasures).



When my order came minutes after, I was so impressed by the quality of the visual presentation of the frappe with the little marshmallows and the toastie with a small salad. The salad had one of the tastiest dressing I have ever tried. I would highly recommend that you visit Java with a friend as it’s a great place to socialise with amazing ambience and the food is especially well presented and excellent quality



I also collected a Java loyalty card stamp which is great as I can get closer to a free coffee after nine purchases. The coffee in Java is made from freshly grinded sundried coffee beans giving them a natural flavoursome taste. So why not try java it’s a treat you will cherish.



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