About me

Hi my name is Nicole Stockton and I am 16 years young, I am an enthusiast of all things “Healthy Beauty, Fashion & Life” related. I decide to create this blog in June 2015 after looking through the many brilliant lifestyle blogs out there, I wanted to inspire people and share my love of healthy beneficial foods, fashion, makeup and sports interests.

 I decided to change my diet in April 2015 after getting fed up of the unrewarding variety of processed foods I was eating, which just made me regret them after .I felt so insecure about the way I looked and wanted to change. Many of you might ask why I would stop eating the delicious irresistible processed variety of foods available to us now. But there is one main reason I follow every day, that we should all treat our bodies with respect as we only get one. I always refer to the Buddha quoted “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the greatest relationship”. So why not try to change your lifestyle cutting out bit by bit making you physical healthier and spiritually and mentally better about yourself. I also love cycling and skiing there not just rewarding for the body but fill me with joy as I always feel free out in the elements. I got into skiing when I went of school ski trips to Andorra and Vermont. My dad got me into cycling and showed me the fun you can have in the open country side instead of just sitting at home. I believe it’s important to do lots of regular exercise, but it shouldn’t be a chore, people should pick exercise they feel comfortable and able in.

As for fashion and makeup I was never an expert, but I love the fact you can transform yourself into someone you feel proud of. Throughout my high school year I was so shy and timid. But whenever I go out, I can transform the timid shy personality, felling so confident and good about myself. My love of fashion and make up is inspired by my favourite you tuber celebs they are an inspiration to millions. Whenever I put on makeup and choose a cool outfit from one of my favourite shops I feel so much happier, and that why I have always been amazed about the thousands of great makeup products and clothes you can choose, in order to transform your appearance and especially your mood. You can go for a different look based on your favourite stars.


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