July Outfit Of The Day

I am back again with yet another outfit of the day posts I have just been loving doing this blog post series with my lovely Stephanie who has the blog. We always manage to find really tranquil locations that inspire the choice of outfit. Today I decided to go for a casual summer look by … Continue reading July Outfit Of The Day

Summer Showers: Outfit Of The Day

Yet again I decided to add to my blog by posting another outfit of the day post, with my lovely friend Steph. https://stephaniegracealt.wordpress.com/  I enjoy the fact I can do something I love with a friend, exchanging tips about blogging, style and makeup. The weather on the day we took the shots was not the … Continue reading Summer Showers: Outfit Of The Day

3 steps guide to natural cosmetics

Recently I have been made aware of the detrimental effects that many of the chemicals found in my cosmetic products can have on the body, they can be filled with toxins that our bodies cannot naturally absorb. For example Parabens which are a group of chemicals found in a range of beauty products can affect … Continue reading 3 steps guide to natural cosmetics

Gold smoky eye and nude lip makeup look

Recently my very talented friend Stephanie who has the blog https://stephaniegracealt.wordpress.com/  did my makeup for me, so I decided to share the look on my blog because one of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to get back into blogging. I have subsequently been getting distracted with college work which takes up nearly all my … Continue reading Gold smoky eye and nude lip makeup look

Raspberry, Beetroot and Baobab smoothie bowl

This is a beautifully photogenic vegan breakfast or snack idea, it looks gorgeous and tastes incredible, especially as raspberry have always been my favourite fruit of choice. The smoothie bowl gives a rejuvenating boost of nutrients and energy to your day, so it is perfect as a breakfast idea in the morning. The smoothie incorporates … Continue reading Raspberry, Beetroot and Baobab smoothie bowl

Almond Oat Cookies ||| Biscoitos de Aveia e Amêndoa

Thought I would share this brilliant blog post.

ENTRE JARDINS - vegetarian and plant based recipes


(versão portuguesa no final da página)

I had every intention of sharing a super-powered-healthy-healing soup with you for this next post but these cookies got somewhat in the way… I’m sure you don’t mind?.. Especially if I tell you these come together in a jiffy, a quality not to be neglected by someone who wants a satisfying cookie, say 5 minutes ago, and doesn’t have the patience to follow through complicated recipes.

A word on blackstrap molasses – a byproduct of white sugar manufacturing, it is a low glycemic sweetener and rich in nutrients (B vitamins, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, calcium, selenium, …). As someone who usually struggles with low iron levels, blackstrap molasses has become a handy and easy way to get a few bonus iron points while making life a little sweeter.

Oh and before heading on to the recipe, a big congrats to Sara, the winner…

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Sweet potato, chickpea and kale stir fry

Autumn is currently here at the moment in England, bringing with it colder and gloomier days, so I have been craving a few more home comforts to lighten my mood. One of my favourite food home comforts is a good healthy meal after a long day, this stir fry is a perfect healthy home comfort … Continue reading Sweet potato, chickpea and kale stir fry

Banana and raspberry healthy breakfast ice cream

Whenever you think of ice cream you don’t necessarily think on it having really healthy properties, you never imagine eating it as a breakfast boost for the rest of the day. When you blend frozen bananas in a food processor, it creates a beautiful creamy texture that is like ice cream, it is to die … Continue reading Banana and raspberry healthy breakfast ice cream